In Pakistan Flyboard Launches the Safest And Fun Activities:

Pakistan is all set for new and fun activities. It’s time to fly towards a dream world featuring new and exciting group + solo activities for adventure and water sports lovers.

Ready to fly with Flyboard PK? We bring personal flight devices that allow you to fly in the form of the latest hydro- sports of FlyBoarding. There are different modules for beginners, intermediate and expert athletes – so Zapata is an inclusive experience for kids, teens and also adults! With our trained professional instructors and certified marine safety standards, your Adventure Sports Station experience is not only memorable & fun – but also safe and worthwhile!

Zapata hydro-powered personal flight devices have a capability to do individual movements in flying like a superhero (Become Ironman or Aquaman!), perform stunts after some practice, do awesome tricks and water-borne flying activity over lakes and beaches in Pakistan.

Zapata Leisure Sports always has great fun not only for the young age but for everyone and gives a remarkable after-feeling of adrenaline, fun & achievement. Flyboard in Pakistan presents its product to enjoy your weekend adventures. In the different cities of Pakistan, get starting from Khanpur Lake – You too can try the new Zapata adventure sports, with your self-ability and our support!

Fly board’s Latest Surprise For Fun Seekers:

We don’t just limit you to the act of flying. At Zapata FlyBoard Pakistan we bring the latest inflatable water park Splash Zone in the middle of the lake! Imagine that! Make your way to the top of the water park after ascending the paths. At the top – You can either slide your way down to the lake or dare to perform a platform jump. If you are with friends or family, help each other get the thrill of doing a blob jump.

It’s sports equipment to be enjoyed for everyone. The Flyboard in Islamabad has been launched for the school kids, young adults and adventurous families. The aim is to enjoy their time with a different and safe way. Having fun with the family by doing new and fun things on your weekend trips, adventures and vacations near Islamabad, Rawalpindi and adjoining regions. Our venue for the season of summer 2019 is Khanpur Lake. 1-hour drive from Islamabad’s Kashmir Highway exit.

The experience of the Flyboard in Karachi is something that our community in the south is anticipating with many people asking ‘What about the beaches in south Pakistan, Team Zapata?’

Stay tuned! Soon we will be making pop up appearances at different cities of the country. Provided there is a beach or lake, expect to see team Zapata FlyBoard Pakistan adding some colorful and fun for your enjoyment.

Enjoyment With Flyboard in Khanpur Lake:

The ride on the Flyboard in Khanpur Lake is another aspect of the enjoyment of Pakistan people through the amazing flight jet. It will build up the confidence to face your fears. The same concept is incorporated in FlyRide- the latest of Zapata flying machines.

FlyRide is the world’s 1st flying superbike with 4 modes: Beginners, Kids, Sports & Acro modules for riders of different levels so they can experience what it’s like ride a flying bike or jetski. The concepts of which are similar to superhero/sci-fi machines like that of Ghost Rider, Ironman, Star Wars, etc.

In children the confidence with the use of Zapata FlyBoard and FlyRide is remarkable. The positive change you can observe in them. So, the citizen of twin cities (Islamabad, Rawalpindi) enjoys their weekend and holidays in the lake like you would in any other top tourist spot or vacation of the world. 1st Time in Pakistan!

There are many ways to fly with the latest range of the Flyboard Pk. Every product with different features has excellent performance. You can take to the sky in a huge variety. You can ride on the fly board in the sky and playing with water like a fighter and champion. If you have a craze to fly in the air or play with water with heavy fall, now time to fulfill your all dreams.

Wonderful Weekend Fun in Pakistan

Your all dreams for you in just one step of installation of the flying jet. If you have ability and courage to conquer the new one, with the help of the fly board you can conquer which you want. You can enjoy your holidays. On the other hand, the Weekend fun in Pakistan has a wonderful chance for all of in shape of the fly jet to explore the fun,with your mother, dad, brother and sister make the family time best and relax from the hectic routine of the working days.

The latest trend in Pakistan of the weekend fun has been started by the awareness of the many ways of the enjoyment. Many people think that the flyboard and flyride in the air playing with water is just possible in foreign countries. But now in Pakistan, many things have to be changed and the living style also has to be provided for interested kids and adults.

Flyboard Pk allows everyone to fly and enjoy, allows to ride on the water. It’s all quick moment of installation, and with FlyBoard coaching, you too can become a superhero. Making of the Flyboard under the best engineers and inventors who give it the most user-friendly experience.

The latest function with the light and efficient adventure makes it perfect for innovation in hydro-sports and adventure.

Water Sports Station:

Through the invention of the flyboard in Pakistan, many sportsmen show the interest in this. Now you can find the Water Sports Station in Pakistan to enjoy your free days with family. The ocean in Karachi also invites us to have fun and spread joy to the beaches as well. For the lovers of oceans, Pakistan is the best place to enjoy. In water sport station many varieties of water sports and adventure activities are available for everyone to enjoy in the water and touch the waves of water.

Enjoy Summer Fun:

With the arrival of summer, the summer vacation comes in mind, and vacations mean heavy fun with family and friends. If you are living in the city of the ocean then you can enjoy with water with the ride on flyboard, or if you are living in another city, plan your weekend summer bash with Flyboard Pakistan at Adventure Sports Station.  Through the Summer fun in Pakistan makes your vacations amazing, with the beneficial performance of the flyboard, you can round the world with the absurdly awesome quality of this unique playing device.

Sports with Flyboard:

The flyboard in water easy to learn and handle. The standing footsteps help to everyone who starts the first time and takes the first flight. And this type of sport with the Flyboard Pk very reasonable selection of you.

The Flyboard can be installed within half an hour in a very simple and easy way. No need to get your hands dusty and dirty. Our specialist any time present to assist you to new heights of the watersports. Want to explore, buy or target the rental centers of the flyboard to have fun.

The first company in Pakistan who introduces the latest technology of the flyboard. The safest, easy and simple way of enjoyment for the beginners. It comes from the differences with Flyboard Pk. Fly with air and ride on the water is a totally different adventure for everyone and the best opportunity for an adventurer. Now in Pakistan, you can find many varieties of the fly board sports accessories with safe mode.

What is the future of Flyboard in Pakistan?

We don’t stop here – Get ready for FlyBoard in KarachiFlyBoard in Lahore & FlyBoard in other parts of Pakistan!

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